Crescent and Vine

Dark as a Raven, Bold as a Robin
Being part of a team can empower you and help you find yourself, but it can feel like a hindrance when you not on the same page. This piece examines the balance between the Hive-Mind and the fulfilling our private ambitions.   

Aries In Flight 

​​​March 30, 2019


​The Rogue Rules of Aesthetic 
Satire is more appealing than soap-boxing

The general population will alway look for meaning/ story so draw on something that resonates with you from outside the dance world as a foundation or entry point to your choreography 

No matter how far we come in the dance world you're always judged by how well you can get on your leg

2019 Season


NEW WORK: Game of Power


The Rogue Dancers first dance for camera piece

Inspired by the archetypes and power structure of Film Noir, this piece examines stereotypes about dancing girls and the sympathy the audience’s feels for the lead despite her questionable moral compass.

Premiere 2019