The Rogue Dancers 
diverse and compelling storytelling, while honoring the dynamic visual beauty of movement

Collaborateto infuse the work with our personal narratives, experiences and variety of interests

Invokeemotional, thoughtful reactions

Utilizethe medium of screen-dance and site-specific work to
enhance our capacity for innovation and to reach diverse audiences

Blair Hotchner’s style utilizes the depth of a dancer’s talent through mind-body connection and self-awareness as a means to facilitate storytelling. Frenchwoods Festival of the Performing Arts (2003-2005) was an early influence toward creating well rounded and relatable pieces featuring fully developed characters. As a graduate of Hofstra University (2006-2010) the requirement to justify her choices endures in her process to find a balance between technical steps, gestures and motifs. Working with Larry Keigwin, Diana Havery-Salama, Curt Hayworth Nicole Wilcott and Lance Westergrad she gained insight into the creative process.

As assistant choreographer for Overground Physical Theatre (2009-2012) under the direction of Antonia Katrandjieva she explored the visceral nature of movement born out of the origins of modern dance via Tanztheater and work of Ingrid Bartenieff. She used the connections she see between dance and theater to work with Frog and Peach Shakespeare company (2010-2011) and Quattro Gatti Theatre which presented work at Edinburgh fringe festival in 2011.

Ms. Hotchner strives to create work that reaches beyond dance as entertainment. Her belief in dance as medium for social change anchored her work as part of the creative team who choreographed and lead the NYC flashmob for Lifevest Insides in 2013 and 2014.

She went on to be a guest teaching artist for the Macaulay scholars while receiving her Master in Dance Education at Hunter college (2014-2016). Under the guidance of Nia Love, David Capps, Maura Donahue, and Pedro Ruiz Ms.Hotchner continued to refine her philosophy about dance which she uses through her current work teaching dance for the NYC Department of Education.