After a transitional 2016-2017 season, we relaunched with a renewed focused on strengthening the Queens dance scene with our work with various organization and our partnership with the Queens Dance Workshop. We also shifted our mindset to creating more site-specific and screen-dance pieces as a means of enhance our work's capacity for storytelling and reaching more a diverse audiences.



Summer Showcase

Teaming up with the Queensboro Dance Festival, we provide free rehearsal space for choreographers from various areas Queens and host two dance movement-jams for dancers and dance lovers to promote the emerging dance scene in Queens.

Choreographic Coffee House

Choreographers present pieces that are politically charged or deeply emotional in a relaxed setting. At the end a movement-jam invites the audience to get a hands on experience on creating movement.

​​Southern Vermont Dance Festival: July 13th-16th, 2017- Theatre, Battleboro, Vermont

Tribute to victims of Pulse: June 17th, 2017- City Center Studios: New York, NY

Hatch Presenting Series: March 25th, 2017- Jennifer Muller/The Works

Pieces for Peace: January6-8th, 2017- Theater for the New City, Manhattan, NY

Awaken the Rogue: November 12th, 2016- Creative Cultural Center, Manhattan, NY

Queensboro Dance Festival: October 18-22nd, 2016- Secret Theater, L. I. C., NY

Tribute to victims of Pulse: June 19th, 2016- Alvin Ailey Studios: New York, NY

Theater Dance Showcase: April 10th, 2016- Shetler Theater, Manhattan, NY

Urban Mythology: November 2015- Citi Group Theater, Manhattan, NY

Work-in progress: September 26th, 2015- Aliey Studios, Manhattan, NY

Open Studio Showing: May 6th, 2015- Hunter college, Manhattan, NY

Southern Vermont Dance Festival: July 16th-19th, 2014- Theatre, Battleboro, Vermont

Yarn (World Premier): November 8-9th, 2014-Secret Theater, Long Island City, NY

City Stories Dance Festival: November 6-7th, 2014-Secret Theater, Long Island City, NY

Fertile Ground: January 26th, 2014- Green Space Studios, Long Island City, NY

Spoke the Hubs Winter Follies: January 24th and 25th, 2014- Gowanus Arts Center

Winter Solstice Series: December 21st, 2013- Original Blessings, Brooklyn, NY

Hatch Presenting Series: November 23rd, 2013- Jennifer Muller/The Works

An Evening of Dance: November 9th, 2013- Red Bean Studios
Queens Dance Workshop: September 21st, 2013- Genesis Dance Project

Experimental Performance Evening: September 15th, 2013- Ballet Arts, City Center, NY

Waterside Plaza Dance Festival August 17th, 2013- Waterside Plaza

Arts East NY Summer Saturdaze Festival: August 10th, 2013- Arts East NY

 Summer Dance Festival: July 18th, 2013- J Owen Grundy Pier

Dance All Night Fundraiser: April 20th, 2013- The Kennedy Dancers

Fertile Ground: January 13th, 2013- Green Space Studios

Dance For DNA Day: October 20th, 2012- Dance New Amsterdam

THE ROGUE DANCERS are a Queens based dance company founded in 2012 utilizing collaboration as a means of creating innovative work that challenge our personal notions of dance by balancing avant-garde and technical prowess. Our work is rooted in examining dance as a medium for storytelling with the goal of invoking emotional and thoughtful reactions. We draw inspiration from personal experiences, the art world, pop-culture and third wave feminism.