Summer Showcase  

Teaming up with Queens based studios, we provide free rehearsal space for choreographers from various areas of Queens and host two dance movement-jams for dancers and dance lovers to promote the emerging dance scene in Queens.


Choreographic Coffee House

Choreographers present pieces that are politically charged or deeply emotional in a relaxed setting. At the end a movement-jam invites the audience to get a hands on experience of creating movement.


The screen-dance adaptation of our 2017 piece of the same title.
Filmed in Astoria, Queens NY
Dancers: Zoe Warshaw, Hailey Kemp, Kaitlyn Shuetze, Blair Hotchner, Laurel Zaleski, Lydia Jackson, Anna Tan, Anika Pavis
Cinematographers: Sydnie Hamilton and Lydia Jackson
Editor: Hailey Kemp