Inspired by the archetypes and power structure of Film Noir, this piece examines stereotypes about dancing girls and the sympathy the audience’s feels for the lead despite her questionable moral compass.

Non-recyclable plastic- Fall 2012/ Winter 2013

Hyper-kinetic- Summer 2013


Crescent & Vine- January 2017

Dark as a Raven, Bold as a Robin - October 2017/ May 2017

Yarn- Fall 2014 

The Judgement of Paris- Fall 2015

Inspired by the rise of the credit card and overspending in the 1980's. It puts a microscope to the re-definition of success in relationship to materialism from that era

Weaving together the dancers’ personal antidotes and our observations about being the “me generation” this piece speaks to the unique experience of growing up as technology evolved. .​

Being part of a team can be empowering and help a person find oneself, but it can feel like a hindrance when the role in team doesn't fit.  This piece examines the balance between the Hive-Mind and the fulfilling our private ambitions.   

A myth used by numerous painters as means to showcase unearthly beauty, the choreography fights to removing the male gaze by focusing on how the three goddesses use their skills and power to try to win Paris's favor. Connecting to the ability of visual art to tell a story in a single image, the piece was distilled into an 8 minute version in Spring 2016.​

This mathematically charged piece was inspired by the brain of the modern child in a society of "right now" that is inundated with technology, section include:
Seeing Double- Fall 2013
Re-uptake- Spring 2015