Yogea (somatic)
Using vinyasa (flow) yoga as the movement language to explore the elements of dance and Laban theory: body, effort, space, shape and dynamic: push/pull, spiral/ curl and extend/ flex to deepen mind-body connection 

Rogue Style (Contemporary- Fusion)
This contemporary movement class focuses on the lower back and pelvic floor as the initiation point for all movement, sharp action as a bridge for bound and fluid movement and character as means to strengthen mind-body connection. All 3 approaches are influenced by my beginning dance years breakdancing and studying of Graham technique simultaneously . My overall goal is to reconnect with the joy of dance, discover the universality of movement and examine the potential and grow within their own capacity as performers.

The Zen Art of Improvisation
Improvisation has become a staple of the dance world. It is used as a tool for creating, a measure of ability and utilized by most current choreographers somewhere in their process or work on stage. The act of improvising is often intimidating and challenging as you must listen, reaction, make choice and stay full present in the movement all at once. Using awareness to observe habits and limitation and the notion of exploration and counterpoint individual can find new and exciting ways of moving while better master the foundation of dance: balance, transitions, and relationship to space.